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Trouble with sourceforge

I received a notification by sourceforge that my project registration plea has been rejected. Looks like they would like to have more technical information about PARPG. Unfortunately it seems that sourceforge does not store the project description that you’ve sent in, in case you want to overtake the project id of an existing sourceforge-hosted project. As “parpg” was already taken, I applied to overtake this project id as the currently registered project is vapourware: existing since 2.5 years and no single commit in this time.

So I sent in a more detailed project description this time, featuring more technical details and saved all the information at the wiki just in case it gets lost again due another rejection of my registration plea.

Last but not least I thought about what kind of content should be available as separate articles that are hosted at the blog instead of at the wiki. To me it seemed that at least the most important articles for public interest should reside at the blog as well, though more detailed versions can reside at the wiki. The wiki articles would feature rather developer-related information. For now I’ve decided to go for these blog articles:

  • About: short project description.
  • Development: important development-related information. Help wanted, SVN, Trac.
  • Downloads: links to the latest available PARPG release for different platforms. Could contain a link to a full-featured download section at either the wiki or sourceforge.
  • Screensots: for all the fancy visuals once development has started.
  • Legal notice: legal information about the person who’s responsible for the content. There is a discussion if this kind of information is required for German domains in general or just in case the website is aiming at making profit. I added the legal notice nevertheless to avoid possible issues with lawyers who try to make a quick buck with missing legal information.

I really wanted to add a separate “Help wanted” article at the blog as well instead of simply listing the open position as a paragraph of the “Development” article. Unfortunately the space for these kind of articles is limited visually; once you add too many articles, it will look quite ugly. As the articles listed above seem pretty essential to me, I decided to not have a separate help wanted article for now. That’s for it for today, hopefully SVN commit notifications will get fixed soon. Next step is elaborating on the Python programming language and the FIFE engine choice at the wiki.

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