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PARPG goes Agile

Heya and welcome to a short PARPG news update.

Agile & Scrum

If you’ve watched our wiki closely over the last four weeks, you might have realized that the PARPG team has been researching Agile software development in general and Scrum as one Agile framework in special. When we had our first stab at the project from early 2009 until early 2010, we ran into a couple of issues we couldn’t really cope with back then:

  • Lack of focus on actual development goals
  • Lack of agreed upon development guidelines and processes
  • Lack of communication and coordination between the different development departments

After qubodup recommended a Scrum book to me, I checked it out over the last year’s Christmas holidays. I started to realize that Scrum could help us to stay focused, have an agreed upon process and ensure that developers actually communicate with each other.

Unfortunately I’m somewhat short of time and can’t go into detail, but if you would like to know more about Scrum, Agile and how we’ll utilize it in the future, feel free to check out the Agile article series at our wiki.

Sprint prioritization meeting

As part of going Agile, we’ll have our first sprint prioritization meeting at Friday, 4th of February, 11PM UTC±0 at our new sprint IRC channel #parpg-sprint. The channel will be used for strict on topic sprint discussion in the future. If community members would like to attend the sprint prioritization meeting, they’re welcome to do so. This said: discussion will be restricted to PARPG developers to keep the meeting as productive as possible.

Agile articles

All developers who participate in the meeting are encouraged to check out at least these three articles to be prepared for the meeting:

This said: the other Agile articles at the wiki are good reads to get started as well, so if you got some more time on your hands, feel free to check them out.

Concept art sneak peek

As we subscribe to the philosophy, that a news update without some fancy to look at isn’t a good news update, there you go. Gaspard worked on some environment concept art:
Environment concept art by Gaspard

See you at the next PARPG news update, scheduled for mid February. The next news update will cover how the writer application process turned out!

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