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Reading comprehension check failed

Looks like I did not properly read the Sourceforge FAQ last time. I thought that they would set up hosting for PARPG within three work days but this apparently just applies to newly registered projects. PARPG is new in this form but I would like to take over the parpg sourceforge ID from an existing (vapourware) project. Taking over an existing project doesn’t take three days but rather three weeks so don’t expect to see the project hosted at sourceforge before the end of the month. On the other side it was a good idea to send in the registration early; if everything goes as planned, the account should be still available when recruitment is planned to take place. Sourceforge has a quite useful help wanted section so this should be a great place to recruit potential contributors.

On a related note: I officially announced the project at some forums over the weekend (RPGcodex, NMA & FreeGamer) and so far feedback is a mixed bag. I did some last minute modifications to the announcement, giving the wrong impression that the project would be a pretty much a carbon copy of Fallout. That’s of course not the case. Next time I won’t try to close all kind of yet unfilled gaps with Fallout concrete. The majority of the information that can be found at the key design elements article are personal suggestions and not decisions that are set in stone.

The purpose of the early project annoucement was to get some first feedback by the community. There seems to be already some interest in getting involved once actual recruitment starts so I thought about how interested community members could contribute at the moment. I started to flesh out the articles for each development department at the wiki today.

Writing down the requirements of the project management department was pretty easy for me because I know the field pretty well from my involvement in FIFE. The articles of the other departments just contain a bunch of notes and questions at the moment. This is where you can join the fun. In case you’ve got a graphics, audio, writing, programming or gameplay design background feel free to join the wiki effort and add your ideas to the relevant articles.

And in case you think about contributing on a somewhat regular basis, feel free to create a personal profile at the wiki.

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