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Notebook Inventory & Character Creation/View Mockups

I want to show you some of the mockups we made!

Inventory Mockup by qubodup from January (tabs added yesterday)

Inventory Mockup by Q_x from January

See this thread for more details.

A week ago the sprint started and so far my feeling is: awesome! We’re all working towards finishing a feature of the game in parallel! But I’ll save it for the sprint postmortem. πŸ™‚ Let me show you this week’s mockup progress:

Mockups by qubodup from the past week

What’s amazing is how much artist effort goes into one mockup image. Check out the attribution file to see a list of all authors that made art used in these images.

Hopefully, we’ll manage to implement character creation into the game soon!

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Towards a busy summertime

Welcome to yet another PARPG update! After the storm the project is still afloat, but let’s start from the beginning.
First of all, we assumed the only way to continue would be with headless type of management. At least until someone with proper management background or skill comes along or someone takes enough initiative to become the de facto project lead. There have been some substantial changes made to the way we operate to accomadate this. We all know the current state of the project and the direction that PARPG is heading in and so our duties are more elastic now. There is some infrastructure, mindstate and workflow mess that needs that needs to be taken care of. We all intend to seek out things to do or wait until some pop up for us. We will all help each other, rely on each other and support each other in our work; communicate what we need, expect or what would help to make progress. No one and no task is to be left alone.
With these conclusions in mind, the project is aiming to release a playable demo ASAP. Playable in this case means a working basic quest engine – so that player would be able to solve a simple beer quest.Β Beliar is making big leaps forward in pursuit hit this goal. During only last week he fixed some issues with saving the game state, add a new “Look” option to the inventory items, cleaned up the code just in case someone will show up.
When some of us are gone, what happened in 2D department you may ask? Well, its not as 2D-ish as you would expect :D. Gaspard made a proposal for a new quest “Radio Gaga”. JustinOperable is trying to step up to fill a major void in the team and is attempting to learn Blender so heΒ can make 3d models for the project until a more skilled modeler comes along. We also have our first three, trivial GUI-related sound effects proposed. Also, two of us (JustinOperable and I) worked to write this entry. And a little injection of new 2D artwork was made, mainly new inventory items.
Qubodup was kind enough to cover our progress with his video (and helped to post this entry too :)). You can watch it here:

PARPG – Alpha Version of open source Linux Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Whats with the project then? Not “barely afloat” like it was in April. Not stalled or ceased. Yes, yes, we are alive and kicking.
We still need you, dear reader. Any experienced pair of hands cannot be overvalued. We have a whole world to create, almost every quest, phrase, location or item needs your invention to happen.
Everyone is also encouraged to play dice with UH-Guard. Lets keep the forums and our dialog around the project alive πŸ˜‰

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PARPG SVN r461 video

An update just got in. Open source veteran and long time project supporter qubodup grabbed the latest version of PARPG from SVN and recorded a video of it. Feel free to check it out at youtube:

Kudos to qubodup for his continued support πŸ™‚

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Through the looking glass

Heya and welcome to yet another weekly PARPG news update! This time I had to struggle a bit to make it in time so I hope you don’t mind the newsflash style of coverage again. I ran out of time to flesh out all the details and I didn’t want to delay the update for a day or two.

Audio department

We’re glad to announce that PARPG developer Dave Matney has been promoted to the lead audio guy on the team. Dave has been following the project for over a month and started to spend more and more time on it in the last weeks. He’s the person to talk to when it comes to audio-related demands from now on. That does not mean he’ll act as exclusive contributor to the department but that he feels comfortable coordinating the audio efforts. We’re of course still looking for additional developers, either composers or audio effect engineers. But with Dave stepping up, there is finally somebody who can act as a competent contact person for new interested contributors in the field.

Programming department

Our programmers spent quite some time on improving PARPG since the last week’s update. Bretzel added an ingame options menu to the game where you can change a couple of options, including resolution, display mode and the renderer to use. Furthermore he also added to quickslots to the inventory that can be accessed rather fast without opening your backpack:
Option menu by Bretzel

Maximinus’ figured out how to split larger object into several tile-width pieces to work around z-ordering issues. His Python script can be found in our SVN repository. Furthermore he also implemented a way to display text description above ingame objects and added highlighting of these objects when you hover over them with the mouse as well:
Object highlighting by Maximinus

I totally forgot to mention it in one of the last news updates, but PARPG contributor Bhayden was the one who implemented the screenshot feature recently. We were puzzled why the feature itself worked fine on Linux but refused service on Windows systems. It took us some time until FIFE developer Cheesesucker figured out that “:” is not a valid character for filenames / paths on Win32 πŸ™‚ The fixed code resides in SVN now and screenshots are finally working for the Windows version of PARPG.

Graphics department

The graphics department has taken a well-deserved rest after the massive and image-heavy update last week. Nevertheless concept artist Gaspard overhauled the GUI design article at the wiki. Loyal contributor qubodup compiled a concept art gallery there as well; so it’s easy to find all the pieces in one central place now πŸ™‚

Project management

After the last week’s annoucement that we’re looking to set up a developer meeting at our IRC channel, zenbitz proposed to create a doodle for it. If you have never heard about doddle: it’s a pretty nice way to arrange meetings online. If you’re a PARPG developer who hasn’t filled out the doodle yet, please do so until Saturday evening. We would like to hold the first bi-weekly meeting next week if nothing goes wrong and therefore would like to announce the date of the meeting in the news update next at Monday. In case we end up with Monday or Tuesday, the meeting will not take place at the 15th or 16th but one week later, at the 22th or 23th of June as we would like to annouce the meeting at least two full days before it actually takes place.

FIFE news

If you want to create a game, you usually need a tool to build levels for with it. While FIFE already featured a map editor tool, it was not really a convenient helper and felt often awkward to use. Fortuntelay FIFE developer Cheesesucker stepped up and decided to rewrite large parts of it and I need to say that the new version of it is definately a _huge_ improvement. So why do I feature FIFE-related news in a PARPG update? For two reasons:

  1. The new editor tool will make the life of our levels designers much easier so PARPG will benefit from it to a large degree.
  2. Self-adulation: I take credit for digging up the new editor interface icons. They were taken from the excellent SVG icons project, that released their work under the GPL.

And as this update is not as eye candy heavy as some of the ones before, we thought that it would be a good idea to show you at least a screenshot of our PARPG map loaded into the new editor. The new ice tiles have been created by Blender artist Zimble:
Rewritten FIFE map editor by Cheesesucker

That’s all for today. See you next Monday πŸ™‚

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A first status update

One of the points I listed at the project philosophy article at the wiki says “Early bird & step by step”. That’s what I’m planning to do right now. I started to write down my ideas for a post-apocalyptic isometric roleplaying game two and a half days ago. Expect to see more small progress updates at this blog on a rather regular basis. Hopefully at least once a week.

So here’s the first progress update:

  • Registered the project at sourceforge. Registration is still pending and there is already a project registered under the name of PARPG there. Fortunately it seems to be vapourware and the person who registered it has never released anything and their SVN is empty as well. So I might have a chance to overtake their project name; we’ll see. Sourceforge will be primarily used for two purposes:
    1. File hosting of release packages.
    2. Developer recruitment via the sourceforge help wanted tracker. You can only access this kind of functionality with a registered sourceforge account and we had some luck with recruiment there for FIFE so it’s worth a try.
  • Applied for free open source hosting of the project at They’re hosting FIFE as well and offer free SVN & trac for non-profit open source projects. Just filled out the form today and hopefully PARPG got an public repository within a week though it might stay pretty empty until recruitment of additional developers starts.
  • Fleshed out some important articles that should form the future fundament of the project. Project philososphy, roadmap, key design elements & mission statement. All of them are heavy work in progress but it’s a start at least and should give you a pointer of my vision of the project. The reason why I posted these links here is that I appreciate all kind of early feedback concerning these articles. Let me know what you think.
  • So what is the proper place for feedback? Our new forums. I downloaded a theme for it and qubodup from #freegamer IRC channel customized it. Thanks for the support qubodup!
  • Qubodup also created a logo for PARPG and friendly helper Tranberry (also from #freegamer) customized it later. SVG source can be found at the wiki. Furthermore Tranberry also created some nifty favicons for blog, forums & wiki.

Next steps? A bunch are already on my mind:

  • Announce the project at blog & forums.
  • Flesh out more articles at the wiki.
  • Set up the project at sourceforge and cvsdude as soon as we our hosting pleas are accepted.
  • Once the concepts at the wiki are properly fleshed out – which is hopefully at the end of February – recruitment of additional developers can start. Let’s see how this will work out.

That’s from my side for today. Read you soon πŸ™‚

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