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Cleaning up (before she comes)

Heya and welcome to yet another PARPG news update!

We’ll start with some aspects that the team has agreed upon in the course of the last week:

  • PARPG will feature a branching tree dialogue system as found in Fallout and the Infinity Engine games.
  • Graphics will be rendered from a real isometric perspective, not using similar orthogonal perspectives such as dimetric or trimetric projection.
  • Player and NPC movement will happen on a square-shaped grid. Some other games use a hex-shaped one but art creation seems far easier for squares and we can’t foresee any obvious mechanics-related reasons why we should go for a hex grid.
  • Rivaling factions will occupy different parts of the world map.
  • Crafting mechanic as found in Arcanum. Creating custom ammunition or moonshine (as fuel or booze) are possible use cases.
  • Post-game slides to show how the actions of the player character influenced the game world. Yes we got inspired by Fallout & Arcanum again 🙂

Furthermore a lot of brainstorming was going on at the forums, wiki and especially the IRC channel in the last days. Nothing set in stone besides the point outlined above but we discussed mechanics such as food, water and sleep management as well as character classes vs. class-less ruleset and character backgrounds that you could choose at the beginning of the game.

The work on PARPG seems to come along quite well and considering that we wanted to have agreed on the basics of setting and mechanics to start recruitment in early March, we seem well on track. At the moment we’re currently trying to fill two specific positions on the team:

  • Python / C++ programmer for engine evaluation. We’ve decided to give FIFE a try but we don’t want to set things in stone before somebody, who has experience in the field, helped us with engine evaluation.
  • Writer for fleshing out the story. So far only the setting has been somewhat fleshed out, but we would appreciate help from a native speaker with an interest in writing and literature to come up with a story that suits the setting.

Concerning engine requirements for evaluation purposes: qubodup and zenbitz recently started to compile a list of such requirements at the wiki. They’re both coming from a game mechanics background so while we can compile list of features we like to see supported, we’re lacking somebody with the programming background who could actually turn the list into a real engine requirements list. Both articles should be a good starting point for interested programmers nevertheless:

Furthermore the fantastic qubodup recently awesomified our blog, forums and wiki themes. Great work qubodup! Last but not least our graphics expert Lamoot started to compile a list of other isometric games and how they’re implementing certain graphics-related features. Such a list should be pretty useful when it comes to implementing these kind of features later into PARPG: Graphics field research.

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