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Back from the dead part II

Heya dear PARPG community members and developers.

As you might have noticed: I’m back from the dead but unfortunately I have to take a longer break from the project to sort out my real life. We’re currently in a quite critical stage of the project and there are still quite some steps in front of us before we can ship our first techdemo release.

This said: there are important topics to be discussed, e.g.:

  • Who’s still active and can contribute to the project at this point?
  • How do we want to continue towards our first release?
  • How can the project best cope with my temporary departure?
  • How can we address the problem of a lack of clear code architecture? How can we try to attract an expert in the field who could help us out?

Therefore I want to invite every interested community member and even more important every developer who contributed to PARPG at some point to attend this important meeting.

A more complete list of topics can be found here: Important PARPG project meeting

Unfortunately we only know that the meeting will be held at Saturday, 30th of January 2010. That’s already this Saturday!

The actual meeting time will depend upon which developers want to attend the meeting. Due having developers from all over the world, we might have to leave out one or two devs; or they would have to get up for it in the middle of the night. That’s surely not a good solution but there’s no real alternative to it in such open source projects where developers are spread around the globe.

If you want to take part in the meeting, please let us know at the forums AND tell us when you would have time for the meeting. The final meeting time will be set tomorrow at 6PM GMT! I’ll update the blog posting with the meeting time as soon as it has been decided.

Edit by shevy:

The meeting will start Saturday (tomorrow) at 15:30 GMT

Come and join, please, no matter if you can only attend earlier or later.

Meeting thread at the forums:


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