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O Lead Writer, Where Art Thou?

Heya and welcome to yet another PARPG news update!

This is the first news update in about 5 weeks, so you must be asking yourself if we have been rather lazy lately. The good news is we haven’t 🙂 We have actually been that busy that we didn’t find the time to write a news update. But now I finally found the time (and motivation) to sit down and write this damn news update. So without further ado: here’s your monthly dose of awesome PARPG news!

PARPG looking for a lead writer

PARPG is now actively looking for a lead writer. In a nutshell: our past writing efforts never took off in a consistent and structured way. When the project started, we’ve agreed upon some basic setting guidelines and wanted to leave the rest to the to be found writers. Unfortunately that process didn’t work out well in reality. Interested writers in the past mostly focused on fleshing out NPCs or proposed potential storylines for the game. At the same time, no writer was really willing to commit to fleshing out setting elements and what kind of writing themes would be worth exploring in the game. So now we’ve got loads of writing ideas (TM) sitting in the wiki but there is almost no consistency to them. Therefore we have decided to tackle the problem from a slighty different angle than in the past.

We’re looking for a lead writer who would be willing to commit to the more substantial parts of the writing process. We’re looking for somebody who is not afraid of making decisions in the fields of setting, themes to explore and storyline of the game. Obviously somebody who is familiar with the post-apocalypse genre would be strongly prefered.

If you’re interested in the details, check out the detailed lead writer advert at the wiki!

New wiki content license

Related to our new writing efforts: we’ve switched the license of our wiki content. In the past we have been using GDFL, we’ve recently switched to CC 3.0 BY-SA. The main reason is that writing content will mostly reside at the wiki first, so it makes sense that wiki writing content and ingame writing content are published under the same license. If you’re interested in the details, check out updated license article at the wiki:

In case you want to license your former wiki contributions differently, please let us know at the forums.

GUI progess

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last weeks to flesh out how our GUI should actually work. To cover all details here would be overkill, so I’ll cheat and simply send you to the forums for details. Check out this thread where GUI discussion is still ongoing.

Updated portraits

Our favourite art-producing husky has done it again. Gaspard has updated some of his prior portraits recently, so enjoy:
Hoadir updated

Jacob updated

Synnove updated

Massive project documentation update

The main reason why I’ve been incredibly busy lately, is that I gave our project documentation at the wiki a major overhaul. Workflows have been fleshed out, departments have a new structure, content has been categorized. This was a massive undertaking and is still ongoing. But it was really necessary because some departments were and are still in pretty bad shape. Categorizing all the existing writing content was essential as you can’t expect that interested writers wade through dozens of outdated articles without any indication what these articles are about.

As project management work is usually not considered to be the epitome of excitement, I won’t go into lenghty details. If you’re a sucker for project management and would like to learn from our mistakes, check out this article:

That’s all for today, next news update scheduled for February 🙂

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