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PARPG development has ceased but the art will live

PARPG development has ceased.

Don’t be sad about it, instead be glad that so much wonderful art has been produced and licensed under free licenses that can be used in other projects!

Find all the art on

Expect this domain to run out soon!

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Ceasing PARPG Development With Style

PARPG has ceased development. Last words can be read and spoken in “the end” thread.

There are two things left for us to do:

  1. Upload all concept and 3d art to
  2. Move on to other projects.

Some game projects that are free software/open art and overlap with PARPG’s goals are:

There are also two projects that stem from PARPG:

  • fife-rpg, a rewrite of PARPG so it can be used to easily create other RPGs.
  • PPARPG, a Panda3D implementation of the PARPG idea.

Hope to see you there soon!


Sprint Post-mortem

More than a month ago the PARPG team ended the 1-month Character Customization Sprint. It was all about designing and implementing character stats and creation.

The participants talked about the sprint on chat and in this forum thread but let me sum up the opinions that were expressed (a few contradictions and conflicts of interest ahead 😉 ):


  • The sprint was a success
  • The short, regular meetings (2 per week) were motivating and increased  efficiency
  • PARPGians are “Fennecs
  • Critical code that needed fixing was identified
  • Trac tickets were helpful for keeping overview


  • There were bottlenecks between departments – department-specific sprints could work better?
  • Sprint target (character customization) has little importance for gameplay in early versions of PARPG – figure out higher-priority targets?
  • Sprints should be shorter / contain less tasks
  • More small (non-[epic] user story) tickets would have been helpful – somebody responsability for writing new tickets needs to be defined
  • Subversion is hard to work with using a clean development style

Dependency Graph for Ticket #264 (Character customization based on stats and attributes)
Dependency Graph for Ticket #264 (Character customization based on stats and attributes) Everybody likes pictures! 🙂

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Notebook Inventory & Character Creation/View Mockups

I want to show you some of the mockups we made!

Inventory Mockup by qubodup from January (tabs added yesterday)

Inventory Mockup by Q_x from January

See this thread for more details.

A week ago the sprint started and so far my feeling is: awesome! We’re all working towards finishing a feature of the game in parallel! But I’ll save it for the sprint postmortem. 🙂 Let me show you this week’s mockup progress:

Mockups by qubodup from the past week

What’s amazing is how much artist effort goes into one mockup image. Check out the attribution file to see a list of all authors that made art used in these images.

Hopefully, we’ll manage to implement character creation into the game soon!

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