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The Future of PARPG – and whether it has one or not


There are some questions what to do with PARPG in its current state.

The biggest problems are in my opinion:

– a lack of general recruiting. Two weeks project report and asking for contributors was a very good way to recruit fresh blood.

– lack of active coders (compared to i.e. ~2 years ago). I think right now only Beliar is making additions to the code somewhat regularly.

– lack of time by people in general, in some areas at least, combined with a lack of motivation to increase the time commitment. For instance, when barra had more time available, he did regular reports every ~2 weeks and asked for recruitment. This worked nicely back then, people helped out a lot more, but there just does not seem anyone able to replace barra.

So the question is, what to do with PARPG?

There will surely be many opinions. I’ll give you my own one first:

– I think we should make one final release, as soon as possible, and then declare this to be the “how far we managed to go before we failed”.  I’d even like to propose a deadline, last day of March 2012.

We should then zip up the project and distribute it to people who want to keep it for nostalgic reasons 😀 Perhaps someone is able to revitalize the project again? Or, it’s just memory of a project.

Of course it may be possible to push the game forward still. But I myself would not know how, at the current state.

If the project is discontinued, perhaps someone else will resume at the point where we left? And even if not, we worked on a game project for quite some time, met new people, which is never a bad thing!

Barra has said that he will pay for the hosting in 2012, but I think if we can’t find a way to revitalize the project before end of 2012 anyway, it could be closed much earlier.

Any ideas, feedback, to the forum please.

Edit 17 Februar 2012: There will probably a meeting in the next 2 weeks, probably at the weekend (one?), to discuss things. Have a look at the forum and give your opinion please.