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Forum Down


Just a quick and short note – the forums are down, the database seems to have crashed.

Q_x has mailed to barra, who will hopefully manage to fix this soon (and perhaps even manage to upgrade WordPress version :D)

Edit: Works again! Thanks barra, that was fast!

Edit: At 30 December 2011 the forum is down again, with another error message. Beginning to wonder what’s happening.

Edit: At 03.01.2012 the forum works again. Hopefully it’ll work for a longer while now, thanks to the one who fixed it (was not me, I am just trying to let you know) 🙂

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Radio silence

We’ve reached the cache in the evening. It’s the most remote place we’re keeping our stuff in. Small, desolated shack on the mountain stock, close to a big lake. Believe it or not, we have a generator stashed there, hopefully in working condition. But… Does the radio we’ve been carrying all the way from the bunker work at all?

1… 2… 3… Hello, is anybody out there? 1… 2… 3… Hello? Does anybody read me?

I know you’ve all been waiting too long for this batch of news. Harsh winter is hitting our little place in the middle of nowhere, covered with waist-deep snow. The winter that seems to be like a white odyssey. After two loud years, we seem to have a couple of quiet ones. Things are happening, just the snow slows us more than we’d expect, days suddenly got shorter, last of our dogs were eaten long ago, and we’re pulling the sled on our own. Snowshoes, cold and hunger. We’re not out of our rations though, so we’ll keep on moving with slow, steady speed, hoping for a community of cheerful people, their full plates and warm shelters behind every hill we’ve been approaching.

During this period when our batteries were dead, and we were lost in the wild cold lands, quite a lot things happened.

First of all – we have quite a lively fork, PPARPG, lead by Arikel, most widely known due to formerly being involved in The Mana World. You’ll find the project at IRC: #pparpg on freenode, and the code is here: . In a nutshell, PPARPG is 3D game set more or less in mood and world of PARPG, and the game is based on Panda 3D engine. We’re happily sharing all possible resources and hoping for success.

What’s even more surprising, is MrWillis, Rowan the Preacher and Q_x are working together on a sideproject: traditional game, that seems to be a cross-breed between paragraph and board game. You can browse the mailinglist here:

Also good news: after over a year of being lost, Shevy found his way back to our snowy place. He wrote our last post, so you probably knew this before. He has been given some rusty nails and an old hammer to keep our formal stuff in one piece. After neglecting our docs for a while – we call it a major overhaul!

Beliar codes quite a lot, repairing and adding new features to our code, like tweaking NPCs behavior, or working on a scripting system. Finally, he has also made and successfully tested a build system, also releasing some files that are packed and ready to check them out:

These are not small things, I think. Every single one of those deserved a separate blog post, separate cheerful “yaay!”, quite a bit of excitement on its own. The bitter truth is every single village we’ve approached so far was abandoned, scavenged and empty, everything that we thought was smoke coming out of a friendly home was a delusion our hungry brains tricked us with, just to keep us going. And man, this winter – will it ever end?

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