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Improving the PARPG Wiki


I am back and working to improve the quality of – any ideas to help here are very much appreciated.

qubodup wants to know who I am – fair enough! I’ve been trying to lead the Project for a while although not with that much success. Then I had problems in reallife so I had to make a break.

I’ve been quite active on the Forum (ranked 4th on the amount of forum posts – of course that does not say much about the quality of the content) and on IRC (when I was active, that is, but I can almost always be found on Freenode IRC anyway).

My impression so far was that the Forum generates a lot of ideas, many of them good, but after a while, plenty of these ideas are also forgotten eventually. Or they become outdated slowly as contributors leave the project or make a break.

That is one reason why I am trying to focus on the Wiki for now and try to improve its quality.

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