Fixed PARPG Techdemo 1 Win32 installer

We were informed today that PARPG’s Techdemo 1 installer for Win32 is actually broken. We did some research on the topic and it became clear that the problem is caused by ActivePython. The download URL for the ActivePython installer is hardcoded into the PARPG Techdemo 1 installer. As the ActivePython developers moved around some files on their server lately, the old ActivePython installer can’t be downloaded anymore and therefore PARPG can’t be successfully installed unless you untick the ActivePython box.

We decided to address this problem right away and compiled a fixed installer that contains a working ActivePython URL. You can download the updated installer here: Updated PARPG Techdemo 1 installer

We recently overhauled our download article at the wiki as well. Setup instructions how to install the updated PARPG techdemo 1 installer on Win32 can be found here: How to install PARPG Techdemo 1 on Windows

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