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No revolution is going to happen at any time soon? (now with the stamp on our logo)

Its been a while since we had our last update here. But don’t worry, we are alive.
We have had some serious writing attempt, it looks promising, but Humi, the author, seems to be missing. Also there has been some refactoring done by Beliar, he is also keeping our game rolling against the freshest FIFE engine. We have discussed how the HUD should look like too.
People come, people go, seems like its the way, that whole FLOSS takes in this heavy times. And, ironically, we need most what seems to be the easiest thing imaginable: simple quests, easy (startup) mechanics, dialogues, and some advertisement too.
I have this little “please” to you, dear reader. Barra, our former headmaster (and our guardian angel now) has been doing a marvelous job with advertising the project wherever possible. As much, as we personally missing his cheerful personality, the project misses his hard work we are unable to follow. If you are participating into some kind of community related to anything like creation of pen-and-paper RPG or making computer games, could you, please, give your mates a signal that we are alive and kicking, and we simply want to push the project forward as fast, as possible? That alone would help us a lot. And we will have a warm hug to any helpful soul landing here to help us to tackle this huge and ambitious project forward.