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PARPG developer meeting at Sunday

Heya lads. Just a short note from my side: the developers who are still around will hold a meeting at Sunday, 13th of June, 5PM GMT at our IRC channel (#parpg @ The main topic for the meeting will be to find out who’s still around and how the project could be continued. If you’re interested, please visit the IRC channel at that time. Q_x will be acting as meeting moderator (I assume). Unfortunately I’m still busy and therefore won’t be around.

For more information about the meeting, check out this thread at the forums:;boardseen#new

P.S. I haven’t found the time to write down lessons learned from PARPG development and looking at my current timetable, it doesn’t seem that it will happen soon. I haven’t given up the idea yet, but don’t count on it happening soon.

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