PARPG in need of new maintainer

The PARPG project is looking for a new maintainer who wants to take the project over.

Current situation

The project lost quite some steam in the last months and we decided to ship what we’ve achieved until this point as techdemo 1. Now that techdemo 1 has been released, a number of devs stepped back from their positions or are missing in action. Some developers who are still involved at this point have started to compile an early proposal for techdemo 2: PARPG techdemo 2 proposal

The role of the maintainer

There are two possible ways of approaching the open maintainer position:

  1. Act as project manager
  2. Act as lead developer

Project manager approach

The project manager focuses on spreading the word about the project, keeping the community up to date about progress or lack thereof and recruiting new developers for the different departments. First and foremost you would have to attract a new lead developer who takes over responsibility for heading the programming department of the project. Our old lead developer recently stepped back from this position and chances are small to make important steps forward in the programming department without somebody in charge who feels responsible for it.

Lead developer approach

The lead developer approach is different to the project manager one as you’ll rather act as lead developer of the programming department yourself instead of trying to recruit somebody for the job. This comes with pros and cons. While it will be easier for you to push the project forward code-wise as you don’t depend on any help from others in case you can’t attract additional contributors, you’ll also have less time for project management tasks that might be rather vital to the success of the project. At some point, the project has to attract new contributors at least in the graphics departments (2d & 3d), so you’ll either have to find somebody who takes over the recruitment tasks or do so yourself.

Development departments

Here’s a more detailed listing of the situation in the different development departments:

Project management

The former project manager barra (me) stepped down recently to focus on gratuating from university. So there is currently nobody who takes care of the project management related tasks. A list of important tasks has been compiled at the project wiki to give interested contributors who are willing to help out in this field some pointers to get started: list of important project management tasks

If you’re tackling the maintainer position from the project manager point of view, you’ll likely invest most time into these tasks.

Programming department

The old lead developer maximinus recently stepped down from his position as well. Two contributors in this field are left: b0rland & beliar. While both has been contributing to PARPG since several months, they don’t have the time on their hands to take over the lead developer role. So this will be up to you in case you decide to go down the lead developer route as new maintainer.

The main tasks of the lead developer are to support the other developers who are still around to further flesh out the techdemo 2 proposal and coordinate the implementation efforts once you’ve agreed upon the plans for this release.

Graphics department

Right now there is only one 3d artist (Sirren) and one 2d artist (Q_x) left on the team. As there are quite a bunch of graphical assets available in SVN, finding additional new contributors in this department is not strictly essential to the success of the project in short term perspective.

However you’ll reach a point sooner or later where you would likely want to add new graphical assets to the game so recruiting new contributors will be quite vital to the project in long term perspective at least.

Audio department

While there is currently no composer who’s working on new audio tracks for PARPG, the situation is not that bad. A number of composers contributed audio tracks to PARPG since the project was founded so there is no immediate need for new tracks for the next releases.

The situation looks quite different for audio effects. Techdemo 1 basically ships without any audio effects and it would be welcome if this would change with the next release.

At the end of the day audio effects feel like icing on the cake to me though. While it would be great to find an audio effects engineer who contributes to the project, additional graphical assets seem even more essential to me at this point.

Writing department

Zenbitz, who’s also the lead game designer, recently stepped up and decided to volunteer for coordinating the writing department as we were not able to set a story frame into stone yet. Attracting new developers in this field is not useful until a story frame has been fleshed out that provides both enough room for creative freedom but also enough guidance to ensure that writers follow a general agreed upon direction.

Game mechanics

As mentioned above: zenbitz has been the lead game designer since the project was founded and he intends to stick to PARPG. You can check out his game design plans at the project wiki: PARPG game design

So there’s no immediate need to attract additional contributors in this field at this point.

PARPG infrastructure

The entire infrastructure (blog, forums, wiki, trac, svn, etc.) will be left in place for at least another full year. I’ll try to be around and do my best to support anyone willing to take over the maintainer position.

Ways to contact me

In case you want to discuss becoming the new maintainer of the project, feel free to contact me via IRC or email.

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  1. #1 by Justinoperable - March 26th, 2010 at 05:27

    Hey! I’m still on the team. I just got really distracted and it seemed like there weren’t a whole lot of tasks left for 2d artists, and I slowed down while Gaspard was on a roll so I figured I wouldn’t be needed til after the Techdemo. So you have two 2d artists left. Just tell me what to do!

  2. #2 by Brendan - May 8th, 2010 at 14:05

    Yeah, this demo looks awesome. It’s everything we were hoping for. You should definitely keep at it even it it is at a slower pace – there’s no replacement for what you’re doing in this game.

  3. #3 by mvbarracuda - May 9th, 2010 at 19:37

    Thanks for the encouragement Brendan, but I’m afraid that this project is basically stuck until a new maintainer takes over and tries to revive it.

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