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Heya and welcome to yet another PARPG news update. Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I had to take a break from the project to sort out a bunch of problems in real life. Now I’m finally back, reunited to PARPG. Let’s get started right away, the vast majority of the news update will cover our plans for the first public release of PARPG that we hope to ship around the end of the year.

We were holding an IRC meeting of the entire development team recently to discuss the plans for our first public release. This update is mainly a rephrased extended version of the meeting notes. If you’re interested in all the small details, check out the full meeting log!

Programming department

The are a bunch of news to report in the programming department. While the blog was quiet for the last weeks, we found a bunch of new programmers with our last new update in August. One of the new guys is or1andov (known as superfluid at our forums), who’s currently working on the dialog engine of the game. While API documentation and general code annotations are still missing for the dialog engine, you can already test it yourself by grabbing the latest version of PARPG from our SVN repository.

Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure and yes: this orlandov is a funny guy 🙂

The beer quest:
The beer quest

The cattle rustling quest:
The cattle rustling quest

Furthermore we’re trying to implement the following code-related features for our first release until the end of the year:

  • Simple inventory/object/looting model
  • Basic dialog engine supporting branching tree dialog
  • Getting the FIFE map editor working with our customized maps (editor currently mangles our maps due custom data used)
  • Optional: saving and loading (serializing/deserializing of the gamestate)

Writing department

Unfortunately we still haven’t figured out how to merge the two different storyline proposals that have been brought up in the past. As we don’t need a fully fleshed out main storyline for the techdemo, we’ll rather focus on bringing two small quests into the game so we can test the whole framework.

Quest #1 will be about beer brewing / booze distilling:
Quest #2 will be a fedex in its purest sense:

If you’re interested in helping to flesh out these quests, check out the threads at the forums linked above and your quest design might end up in the PARPG techdemo 🙂

Both quests are meant to offer some alternative paths to resolve them as well as some consequences depending on the choices that you’ve made. Some possible alternative paths were discussed at the meeting, check out the details in the full log.

Graphics department

The required graphics assets for techdemo 1 will naturally largely depend on the two planned quests of the techdemo. As soon as we have the quests fleshed out in terms of ways to solve them, we’ll compile a list of needed graphical assets for the graphics department so our graphics artists can start to tackle these ones.

4-5 different NPCs + 1 PC with a full set of animations (standing around idling, walking, running, using, picking up) are meant to be featured in the techdemo. These animations can actually already be found in SVN. Graphics artist Sirren created a whole set of new NPC for the first release.
Long coat (female):

Long coat (male):

Farmer (male):

Traveler (male):

Right now we’re still short of graphics artist, Sirren is basically the only active artist on the team at this point. If you are a graphics artist who likes the concept of the game and would like to help us, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us by introducing yourself at the forums!

As every update: there are bunch of new 3d models and concept art pieces that didn’t make it into this update. Feel free to check out the gallery at the wiki to see every piece of art that has been created lately.

That’s all for today. Next news update scheduled for Monday, 19th of October. See you then 🙂


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