Crates, we need crates!

Heya and welcome to yet another PARPG news update! This week we got a number of interesting topics to cover: an updated roadmap for the programming department, some first guides for the graphics artists, new work in progress 3d models as well as progress in the writing department.

Updated programming roadmap

PARPG programmer maximinus updated the programming roadmap with some new tasks lately. Hopefully this kind of provided guidance helps interested programmers to find a starting point for exploring the PARPG code. Furthermore he compiled a little checklist for programmers how to get started with PARPG in general.

Writing brainstorming

After it has been rather quiet in the writing department in the last weeks – we’re still a bit puzzled how to tackle getting started in this field – our writer egalor started to flesh out the region of the former Baltic States at the forums. The version found at the forums is pretty much just a first step and he appreciates all kind of feedback. Nevertheless it’s a step in the right direction to get things started in this department again.

Searching for new developers

As there is still a lot of room for additional developers on the team, we decided to include this call to arms in a news update as well. You can contribute as a programmer, graphics artist, composer, writer, gameplay designer or project manager. A couple of new developers showed interested in the project over the course of the last week but we generally don’t announce the introduction of new developers. We want to avoid pressuring the developers who often are not sure how much time they can spend on such a project. So we prefer to cover the activities of any developers once there’s actually something to report besides that they’re somehow (interested to get) involved in the project.

New graphics tutorials

The whole graphics department has been really hardworking lately. Let’s start with our artist Lamoot, who recently started to work on tutorials for the department. You can check the list of tutorials at the wiki. Furthermore he improved the Blender rendering setup to ease the work of the involved graphics artists. You can grab the latest version of it from our Subversion repository.

The first two tutorials that he has finished are how to create simple tiles and how to create snow materials.

Crates, we need crates!

You can never have enough crates in a game. If we had not decided to create an RPG, we surely would have agreed on creating a Sokoban remake 🙂 Anyway, our new graphics artist shrew81 knew about our Sokoban dreams and decided to create some crates for the project; mainly for rendering tests but as said: every game needs at least one crate, or even more.

Crate 1Crate 2Crate 3Crate 4

Besides these crates he started to work on some weapons as well as scenery objects for PARPG. Check out his art thread at the forums.

Character models, part 2

As already reported last week: 3d artist Sirren is working on character models based on JustinOperable’s sketches. They’re still work in progress, at least the rendered versions of them; the actual models are pretty much done. So don’t worry about the quality of the smaller preview versions in the pictures: the final renders and ingame versions will look better 🙂



That’s all for today 🙂 See you again next week!

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    Nice to see some progress! One gripe:

    Why would women wear skirts when its freezing? Feels strange…

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