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Heya and welcome to your weekly dose of post-apocalyptic development news. Looks like we are picking quite some speed up lately, at least the number of topics to cover in each news update is growing and growing. I’ll keep things short this time and you simply click through the various links if you find a topic of interest.

We’re famous

It seems that spending so many nights together with charlieg (at the freegamer IRC channel, of course) worked out 🙂 We’re famous now! At least we got covered at freegamer lately, that’s pretty much the same. Thanks for the coverage charlieg, may the force with be you.

Assets license

After license-related aspects were discussed at the forums over course of the last weeks, we’re happy to announce a first decision in the field. All PARPG assets (read: non C/C++/Python code) will be licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0. At the moment we’re still considering to dual-license the assets under the GPL as well as some open source projects aren’t accepting assets licensed under Creative Commons terms. As I would like to keep things short: if you’re interested in the detail and / or want to contribute to the discussion, head over the forums.

New domain

As you might have already noticed: you’re now forwarded from to our new domain Back in 2005 when I asked the FIFE developers how they feel about different TLDs for the project, the consensus was to go for the cheapest one. And that was a German one, therefore As PARPG is a pretty international project, I wanted to use an international TLD for the project. was already registered and considering that we’re not a commercial project, sounded like a good choice. Anyway, there are a bunch of new subdomains you can access now, check out the details at the forums. In case you notice any kind of weird behaviour of blog, forums or wiki let us know as well. Something might have gone wrong in the migration process.

Your weekly dose of zenbitz

We can’t live without him anymore and you hopefully as well 🙂 Zenbitz went on a game design spree again and wrote down his proposals for encumbrance and equipment, a basic graphical user interface as well as specs for the dialogue system.

Story format

Icelus used these specs to come up with a proposal for a story format for PARPG. In case you’re interested in the details, give it a read; icelus appreciates all kind of feedback concerning it. Best place for your feedback are the forums again, icelus opened a thread for this purpose there. Besides that he’s currently building up the programming department of PARPG by fleshing out the details how to contribute for interested developers. Too much to cover in detail, but if you would like to know more about it, check out his contribution history at the wiki.

Step by step

While we’re not the new kids on the block, we agreed to tackle the writing needs step by step nevertheless. First and foremost we’re glad to report that since the last news update a week ago, a bunch of interested writers showed up at the forums and contributed to the ongoing discussions there. Check out the writing board to get an idea what’s on the agenda at the moment.

There’s also a roleplaying board in place now to evaluate possible setting- and story elements as well as quests and (N)PCs. If you’re a fan of forums-based roleplaying, join in the fun, DK started by getting the ball rolling. Furthermore we decided to further agree on some setting details about WWIII to give the discussion a direction. You can check them out at the wiki.

Last iron man standing

As our target audience will be more mature fans of old school RPGs, we’re currently evaluating some options how to make the game more challenging while trying to avoiding universal frustration. So we would appreciate the feedback of all you hardcore RPG players out there. Permadeath sounds like a challenging option to ensure that players play the game in a more realistic and careful manner. On the other side it might be pretty frustrating to start from scratch after dying. So jump into the discussion and let us know what you think about it at the forums.

That’s it from my side for today. See you again next week!

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  1. #1 by anon - March 10th, 2009 at 00:49

    The story format is ugly. Clearly you want to specify a machine-processable state machine, why mask it as natural language when you in fact want strict mathematical code? Have you seen the Shakespeare programming language? Lolcode? Apple Script? Let me tell you that it doesn’t work 😉 You will end up being constrained by the language. Think variables, arrays, custom functions, code re-use. It’s easy to come up of examples of stories that will need these. Better pick a language that is both clear and offers these. Maybe adapt lua, pawn or use something like lisp?

    Other than that, you’re doing a good job, I’m excited to see progress!

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