I said updates on a regular basis

As promised: I plan to update this blog with rather very small news snippets on a regular basis. So here is your daily dosis of PARPG information: this time concerning the progress in the project infrastructure field. I applied at cvsdude.com for free open source hosting yesterday and they seem to be faster than lightning.

Today SVN and Trac are set up and seem to be properly working. Some quirks are still left to fix:

  • Commit notification emails aren’t working yet. I tried my best to find out what’s wrong but it seems like cvsdude needs to actually active them somehow though their interface acts like they would be already acticated. Their support is quite helpful and fast and I think that they’ll fix it after the weekend. Mail was sent and let’s hope that they find out what went wrong.
  • CIA IRC commit notification bot not fully working yet. The commit bot needs about 15 minutes to report SVN commits at the IRC channel. After commit notification emails are working, we can use them to ping the CIA bot whenever we commit something into SVN and the commit should be reported right away at IRC.
  • I was not sure about the proper SVN repository structure. One repository for all files seems the easiest option but this could become a hassle later in case larger source files (svg, xcf, blender) are stored in there. So I set up a separate sources repository just to scrap the idea a couple of hours later after I asked for feedback at #freegamer. For now we’ll stick to the one repository approach and if it turns out to become a problem later, we can always consider to create a second repository for the binary source files.

That’s it for today. After the weekend I’ll report back if commit notifications are finally working as expected 🙂

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